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Introducing the Brandl Drum Pad


Introducing the Brandl Drum Pad

Conductr Introducing Brandl MIDI Drum pad

Many users have been asking for a drum pad module since we released the app, and we certainly could have launched a functional one many months ago. But the fact is, we didn’t want to. We wanted to deliver something different. Something truly special. So we took our time. Finally, here it is: the Brandl MIDI Drum Pad.

Brandl is a new module you can add to your set up to control Ableton Live. It obviously allows you to control any drum rack on your Ableton set. But what’s so special about it? Well, it probably is the first drum pad that fits like a glove. Almost literally.

Brandl’s Ergonomic Mode features an exclusive morphology detection system that adapts to your hand size and position on the screen and allows you to play your samples as if you were tapping on a table. You can use up to 5 fingers and change any finger’s sample in a breeze.

Conductr on iPad Brandl Ergonomic mode

Brandl also features a Pad Mode with 16 pads on a 4×4 matrix, 8 Macros controllers, one XY-4D fx unit and a settings editor with several MIDI mapping and Volume control modes.

Conductr Brandl Drum pad

If you own a Conductr Ableton Full Pack, you will get Brandl for free. Otherwise, you can download a trial version for free to check it out.

Check the Brandl MIDI Drum Pad features full description HERE

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