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Phran says

"I love working with Ableton Live, so CONDUCTR now allows me to use it in new ways that come closer to the workflow I'm looking for in the studio. Im starting to use it alongside analog gear and it comes in handy. It's a great tool for both the studio and the stage."

Phran does not think in lines.
The Barcelona based producer thinks of music more in terms of feelings than in terms of genres, which you can easily find in his productions. Aside of the classic house production formulas we know, his tracks touch the dancer in different raw ways and create an authentic vibe. Working with different tempos, grooves and gear makes his sound unconstrained and liberated – rhythm and passion are the golden threads which run through his work.

In his DJ sets Phran performs a symbiosis of old and new, selecting without boundaries whatever he finds during his journeys through the record stores of Barcelona or the streets of Caracas. Having realized that there’s an overwhelming and infinite amount of good music, both old and new, constant listening, discovering and sharing is part of his daily business. ҬI think of music as a collective dialogue, not a race or competition.“

For his inspiration Phran neither looks back nor forward, he captures the moment in his informal way of production.

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