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"Once I tried Conductr on my live setup for the first time, I knew it would be almost impossible to get rid of it. Conductr expands your software controllers and adapts intuitively because of its modular structure, which allows you to easily change your control surface while performing live."

Mans O is an eclectic experimental beat-based 21-year-old producer. Hip hop music hit home when he was just 7, detonating his explosive curiosity for urban culture. That’s when he dabbled his first steps into dance music and graffiti. At a young age of 14, after witnessing a few live shows and dance competitions, as well as tagging his first walls, Mans O got his first controller and a new form of expression was discovered. Mans O likes to experiment with hidden melodies and broken rhythms. His progression as an artist has led him to projects like Wesphere, with Max Grosero, Borja Ruiz and J Batalla, and become affiliated to labels such as Compass, HelloGoodVibes and Disboot.

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