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CaboSanRoque says

"Wireless control of our mechanical sound collages with Conductr complements to the magical feeling of being in front of living machines with personality and autonomic operation."

Under the name of an old ocean liner, CaboSanRoque was born in 2001 as a music group dedicated to the more playful and evocative experimentation side of production. Invented instruments arising from the recovery of everyday objects as diverse as sewing machines, washing machines, scalextrics, staplers or even obsolete pieces of furniture make up for the duet’s instruments.

For some years now, the group’s work has developed around the musical expression and performing abilities of automatic mechanical instruments and their combination with human performers. This willingness to experiment along with the construction of musical machines has given birth to the Bestiari show, “The Run-run of Nyigo-nyigo” (with Pascal Comelade, Carles Santos, Pierre Bastien and Joan Saura), “Maquinofòbiapianolera” (with Carles Santos), “Torn de Nit”, “Música a Màquina” and “La Caixeta” and as well as sound installations and records such as their brand new “12 Rounds” album.

Since June 2015 CaboSanRoque use Conductr as their main controller interface. This fact led to a collaboration between the duet and Conductr called “HiLo”, an interactive installation premiered at Sonar 2015 where the assistants were able to play the CaboSanRoque’s Tres Tristos Trons instrument through an iPad with Conductr.

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