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Artists Nehuen
Nehuen - Conductr Supporter Artist

Nehuen Mac Allister a.k.a Nehuen is an Argentinian born, Barcelona based electronic music producer and DJ, notorious for his dancefloor ...

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Artists Mans O
Mans O Conductr supporter Artist

Mans O is an eclectic experimental beat-based 21-year-old producer. Hip hop music hit home when he was just 7, detonating ...

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Artists Sasha DZA

Sasha Dza is a pioneer electronic music producer from Vladivostok, Russia. His early experiments included instrumental hip-hop and beats music. ...

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Artists Loppkio
Conductr user Loppkio

After more than ten years in the music scene, Pedro Pina (aka Pina) and Alvaro García (Moduleight) created Loppkio in ...

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Artists CaboSanRoque

Under the name of an old ocean liner, CaboSanRoque was born in 2001 as a music group dedicated to the ...

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Artists Justin James

Justin James is from Windsor, Ontario, the same city as other techno icons who have influenced and guided him to ...

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