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Conductr & Traktor

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The Conductr Traktor controller module lets you perform with up to four decks and customize your interface in the fastest and easiest way possible. Each deck features 3 different view modes to make your djing experience unique: Player, Mixer and FX.

Conductr’s current version features one Traktor control module available for free as a trial version. You can in-app purchase it to get unlimited use. Just as the Conductr Ableton Live features have grown and will continue to do so, the Conductr Traktor side will progressively expand with new modules.

Conductr & Ableton Live

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The Conductr Ableton Live modules are specifically designed to control your Ableton desktop software through a unique, 100% mobile-oriented user experience: no nested menus, no tiny knobs. They are fast and user-friendly. And you can even perform without looking at the iPad using the Gestural Mode!

Conductr’s current version features 5 different Ableton Live control modules: Master, Clips, Mixer, User Modules (including the XY-4D pads) and the Claydr MIDI Keyboard. All of them are available for free as a trial version. You can in-app purchase those you like the most or the full pack.

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Wireless control of our mechanical sound collages with Conductr complements to the magical feeling of being in front of living machines with personality and autonomic operation.



Under the name of an old ocean liner, CaboSanRoque was born in 2001 as a music group dedicated to the more playful and evocative experimentation side of production. Invented instruments arising from the recovery of everyday objects as diverse as sewing machines, washing machines, scalextrics, staplers or even obsolete pieces of furniture make up for ...

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We are very excited to announce the release of a brand new in-app module: from now on, you can also ...

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IOSonik instagram user Conductr

When you are a developer, there’s no bigger satisfaction than noticing that people is using your app. We are extremely ...

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Classicworks sound pack for Conductr

More than 100 exclusive samples & loops of analogue, raw and dirty acid-house and old school techno provided by the ...

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