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  • The-Suicide-Of-Western-Culture-Conductr

    The Suicide Of Western Culture

    The Suicide Of Western Culture, or TSOWC, were born in 2010 in the outskirts of Barcelona, consisting of two guys sharing their love for lo-fi technology, electronic music, drones and post-rock with a punk attitude. After “The Suicide Of Western…

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  • strange-world-30-junaury-2015

    It’s a strange world

    A rapper asking for 1.000 $ for his album. A Computer-controlled scoustic instruments EP by no other than Aphex Twin. EDM revealed to be a CIA plot… The world is definitely a strange place. But fortunately, the Conductr team —weird…

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  • USB-thumb


    Your favorite Ableton Live controller for iPad has been updated. And, boy, it’s a hell of an update! As you may already know, we care very much about your requests, so we’ve worked very hard to add new features that…

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  • How to play drums with Conductr

    Play drums with Conductr

    Playing drums with pads is great. You get a sense of physical interaction that no beats drawing can match. Playing with a multitouch drum pad should be also great. But most of them simply don’t feel right: the pads are…

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  • Play your clips with Claydr

    Play your clips with Claydr

    Playing clips with a keyboard controller was a feature in Ableton Live long before the MIDI side of the software was developed. The idea was to use clips as if they were samples when played with a keyboard, allowing you…

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  • the-wait-is-over-highlights-16-junaury-2015

    The wait is over

    The wait is finally over: this week we launched Conductr 1.4, featuring the long awaited, much demanded USB connection. It currently works for Mac OS X (10.7 or higher) users only, but a Windows version will be released very soon….

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  • The overwhelming

    The overwhelming

    We must confess that we are a little overwhelmed by the amazing feedback from the Conductr users community after the launching of the new update featuring the USB connection. Thank you very, very much for your support! This week we…

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  • weekly-highlights-conductr-9-jan-2015

    “Hell Yeah We F**k”

    A new chapter of the #InTheKnow series was released this week: “Turn Claydr into a multi instrumental keyboard”, with some new and cool tricks for all Ableton Live and Conductr users out there. As usual, we also tweeted about the…

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  • Thumbnail---In-the-know

    Turn Claydr into a multi instrumental keyboard

    A few weeks ago we saw how to switch between different instruments within one single MIDI file. That was definitely a cool one. But, hey, let’s push things a little forward: let’s use up to four instruments SIMULTANEOUSLY in Conductr’s…

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  • Claydr-full-template


    Until today, Conductr was best known as a live performing-oriented controller. But we want to keep the app growing and expanding its possibilities as much as possible. Now, Conductr gets into the production realm with the release of CLAYDR …

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  • The Best of the rest

    Best of the rest

    The Conductr team ended up 2014 as usual: working hard for you. This week we released the third chapter of the #InTheKnow series: “Utility Can Save Your Ass”. Quite an edgy title, isn’t it? We are also working on an…

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  • In the know, Utility can save your ass | Conductr

    “Utility” can save your ass

    Some plug-ins seem to be made to impress. The more spectacular, the better: The Beat Repeat! The Glue Compressor! “Oh my, I can’t live without my Convolution Reverb Pro!” But sometimes, the simplest plug-ins are the ones that really mark…

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